Adventures of Poor Mrs. Quack 鸭太太历险记



One day, Peter Rabbit happens upon a surprise visitor to the Smiling Pool. It's Mrs. Quack the Duck, who is dreadfully upset after having narrowly escaped some hunters and their terrible guns. Worst of all, she has lost Mr. Quack, her husband, and doesn't know whether he is alive or dead. Peter, Jerry Muskrat and the other animals in the Green Forest vow to help Mrs. Quack find a safe place to live and to try and locate Mr. Quack. Sammy Jay and Blaeky the Crow, two of the sharpest-eyed
animals in the Green Forest, are enlisted to help and soon the search is under way.
As children learn about the misfortunes of Mrs. Quack and the problems faced by migrating ducks, they will develop new respect for wildlife and a deeper understanding of real animals and their struggle to survive. Best of all, the lessons are incorporated into a good story, told with the warmth and charm that have made Thornton W. Burgess stories favorites with children for generations. Completely reset in large, easy-to-read type, the text is enhanced by six full-page illustrations based on Harrison Cady's originals.


I.Peter Rabbit Becomes Acquainted with Mrs. Quack
II.Mrs. Quack Is Distrustful
III.Mrs. Quack Tells About Her Home
IV.Mrs. Quack Continues Her Story
V.Peter Learns More of Mrs. Quack's Troubles
VI.Farmer Brown's Boy Visits the Smiling Pool
VII.Mrs. Quack Returns
VIII.Mrs. Quack Has a Good Meal and a Rest
IX.Peter Rabbit Makes an Early Call
X.How Mr. and Mrs. Quack Started North
XI.The Terrible, Terrible Guns
XII.What Did Happen to Mr. Quack
XIII.Peter Tells About Mrs. Quack
XW.Sammy Jay's Plan to Help Mrs. Quack
XV.The Hunt for Mr. Quack
XVI.Sammy Jay Sees Something Green
XVII.Mr. Quack Is Found at Last
XVIII. Sammy Jay Sends Mrs. Quack to the Swamp
XIX.Jerry Muskrat's Great Idea
XX.Happy Days for Mr. and Mrs. Quack

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