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From Thailand to Nova Scotia, from Mexico to the American South, two-time James Beard Award-winner Robb Walsh takes a wild and witty journey in the world of adventurous eating.

Robb Walsh has traveled the globe with his backpack and palate, taking stock of the world's culinary phenomena, and offering up a few of his own. In this collection of essays and recipes, he recounts his last few years of seeking out savory adventures. But whether dining in the Deep South or amongst "those Cranky Europeans," Walsh finds that understanding the people and culture behind the dishes is often more challenging than simply digesting the food. And as cities across America become increasingly multicultural, one need not even leave town to unearth the most unusual international cuisine. Seasoned by Walsh's open mind and sly wisdom, Are You Really Going to Eat That? is an ode to the definitive power of food--to heal, communicate, and above all, make us swoon.

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From the top of the Blue Mountains of Jamaica for the perfect cup of coffee to the jungles of Thailand for an encounter with the abominably smelly "stinkfruit," Robb Wals has traveled the globe, immersing himself in some of the world's most interesting culinary phenomena. In Are You Really Going to Eat That? Walsh offers a collection of his best essays over the past ten years, along with some of his favorite recipes.

For Walsh, food is a window on culture, and his essays brim with insights into our society and those around us. Whether he's discussing halal organic farming with Muslims, traversing the steep hills of Trinidad in search of hot-sauce makers, or savoring the disappearing art of black Southern cooking with a inmate-chef in a Texas penitentiary, Walsh has a unique talent for taking our understanding of food to a deeper level.

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AcknowledgmentsIntroductionPart One:A Chowhound on the Scent  Hot Sauce Safari  One Night in Trinidad  The Ultimate Cup of Coffee  The King of Cabrito   A Taste of Antiquity  Wild and WilderPart Two:Ill Have What Hes Having   Stinkfruit  That You May Know Heaven  Prickly Paradox  A Rose by Any Other Name Would Taste as Sweet   Morgans Extra Special Tasty Dulse  Ewe Bet  The Tropic of Spam  Keep On Shuckin Part Three:Chicken-Fried Soul  Dinnerat Darrington:The Dying Art of Black Southerm Cooking  Summer and Smoke  Chicken-Fried Honor  Creole Country  The Inkblot Test  Folk Art on Bread  Pods of the Gods  Blue Crab Standard Time  Third Ward FriedPart Four:Those Cranky Europeans  The War of the Cheeses  Sauetkraut Pilarims  The Best Restaurant on Earth  King Chicken   Seeking Le TruffePart Five:Indiana Jones in the Suburbs  Hello,Houston  The Aroma of Authenticity  Loco for Loroco  Bagels Rip My Flesh  Home of the Squealer  When Jeffrey Met Thelma  The Things We Still CarryPart Six:You Are What You Eat  A Tale of Two Knishes  Chile Duel  Bread of the Dead  Universal Pizza Truths  A Ruthenian Christmas Carol


ROBB WALSH,"the Indiana Jones of food writers"(Liane Hanson,NPR),is the restaurant critic of the Houston Press,and occasional commentator for NPRs Weekend Edition,the former food columnist for Natural History magazine and former editor in chief of cbile P





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